Before You Buy

Before you buy, PLEASE READ

1.I am a one-person company with a full-time job beyond Saltwater Dry Goods.  I do my best to respond to all questions, inquiries, problems, etc in a timely manner, but please realize I am often not available instantaneously.  I will get back to any questions, problems as fast as I am able. is best place to reach me.

 2.All my products are produced by 3rd parties I have selected to work with.  I do not stock inventory at present (with the occasional exception) and each order is made and shipped when your order is processed.  To this, I can't compete with overnight requests nor expedited shipping.  I am working towards the ability to produce and control my own inventory, which will give me more flexibility.  

3. As each order is made specifically for your order, please review your size and color selections carefully.  If hesitant about either, please email me at and ask whatever questions you need to. Returns are tough on a start-up, but I will work with you.  All I ask is that you please double check your order choices. See my "Return Policy" page for specifics, and I will honor returns with those conditions.