Brand Ambassador Search

January 4, 2022

If you've landed here maybe this is the right opportunity for both you and I.  I'm currently looking for someone to help me promote my small business in exchange for some free SaltWater Dry Goods merchandise.  Photos, social media posts, some word of mouth, etc etc highlighting my apparel.  Email me at and tell me briefly why you might be a good fit and with any questions you have.  I'd like the right person to love the ocean and have a social media footprint of some kind.  I cannot offer a paid position at the time being, but the frequency and amount of merchandise is flexible depending on how well we work together.  Open to anyone 18 years old or older.  Any gender, race, location, etc etc  are fine by me, the only things that will get you excluded are ignorance and if you come off as a jerk.  I'm not putting a deadline on my "search", but I also would like to bring it to conclusion sooner than later.  If not of interest to you but you have a friend that may fit the role, let them know.