About & FAQ's



I have been lucky enough to spend a ton of time on Cape Cod, as a kid and as an adult, and without a doubt that's where my love of the ocean took root.   To this day I am happiest at or on the water inhaling salt air.  Boating, digging clams, fly fishing for dinner or sitting on my ass in the sand.... nowhere else I'd rather be than at the coast.

 During my long career in commercial construction I've destroyed mountains of clothing.   Blood, sweat, fire, grease, sewage, just about anything you can think of I've used to ruin many many tee shirts, sweatshirts, and more.  As a necessity, I replace these items often. 

With my aspirations to apply my saltwater infused daydreams to a business, I started putting onto paper designs that had been banging around my head for years, and I married them with my need to replace destroyed tee shirts and sweatshirts and the like.   And SaltWater Dry Goods was born.

While I realize I am creating simplistic items and certainly not performing brain surgery, I take great enjoyment in the designing, and I have tried hard to provide good products at a fair price.    I see tons of New England influences in my designs (lifelong resident - it's what I've absorbed) while also pulling from more tropical flavored daydreams.  That's what I see anyhow.  I'm enjoying the learning curve and the adventure, most of all I'm glad to be fulfilling a long-held desire.   If nothing else, I'm doing something that makes me happy and it's kind of cool to see some of my stuff out there on the street.   



* Shipping Costs & Lead Times?

Shipping costs are entirely controlled and dictated by third parties.  I put zero markup on them, and as such a small business I unfortunately have no leverage to fight for lower costs. 

Lead times vary by product but most tees ship within a few days, and most sweatshirts have a similar lead time.  Hats are more typically like 7-8 business days before they ship.   I keep an eye on all orders and any that linger I contact vendors about.  Once items ship, tracking numbers are provided.  

*Print on Demand

Print on demand I know can get a bad rap.  I select quality branded and tested items, have whittled down crappy vendors by trial and error, and genuinely try to produce a good product at a fair price.  As a one-man band, this method is allowing me to undertake this venture. I don't need tons of capital to operate, I don't desire a retail operation, and nothing goes to waste.  I am not, nor am I trying to be, a business sending stuff out next day air or overnight by having a large on hand inventory and staff to assist.   As stated above, I design some tee shirts and sweatshirts, none of which are important enough nor "need" to be in someone's hands in 24 hours.   If that doesn't fit your needs as a customer, I rather be upfront about it and say thanks for looking.


All I can do is ask that you carefully review sizing info provided BEFORE you place an order.   I attempt to include sizing info as best I can. If you have a question - hit me up at  swdrygoods@gmail.com and I'll do my best to answer it.  If something doesn't fit, I'll do a swap for you, just realize it does impact me because of the on-demand manufacturing I mentioned above, so I ask you to use some foresight in sizing.   If you simply don't like something even though it fits, contact me at swdrygoods@gmail.com and we'll sort through it.  Generally, I provide a return label and refunds.   I will absolutely make every attempt to satisfy customers, but I am not foolish enough to think I can please everyone all the time.  For a more detailed return policy please click on the "Refund Policy" link at the bottom of the website pages.