Charitable Efforts

I attempt to mirror the 1% For the Planet model (which is a great outfit and a seemingly well-run organization, I'm just too small for them).  Every month I put together 1% of my gross sales and donate it to a charity I believe in.  Largely I focus on ocean and veteran related causes, but I'm a sucker for dogs too, and I'll research and find causes benefitting them as well.   I don't sell enough to make a noteworthy impact (hopefully that changes someday), but I figure I'm fortunate enough to have gotten this operation off the ground, the few dollars I can spread around to causes I believe in is a small gesture of good will that I can make.  Good karma.  As a blue-collar guy by day, I'm not especially flush with spare cash to support things I've wanted to.  Now I can make small donations to try and help out good organizations, if nothing else comes of this business, I guess I did all right with that alone.